Anton van Straaten

Anton is a software developer and consultant with a strong interest in the design and development of programming languages. He developed the award-winning software product Class(y), an object-oriented language extension to the Clipper database language. Class(y) extended the Clipper language by adding the ability to create user-defined classes, creating a true object-oriented language, with features such as multiple inheritance and a Smalltalk-style meta-object protocol, based on metaclasses.

Anton also co-developed ExoSpace, a protected-mode linker for Clipper which eliminated memory limitations. ExoSpace was subsequently acquired by Computer Associates, a major software vendor, and bundled with CA-Clipper.

Anton's research during the development of Class(y) led to a strong interest in the formal foundations of programming languages. This has led him to study formalisms such as the lambda calculus, type theory, and programming language semantics. As part of this interest in formal language foundations and applications, Anton developed SchemeDS, an executable version of the formal denotational semantics for R5RS Scheme, the only such implementation publicly available.

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